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CMEC is Canada's education voice on the international scene. CMEC also provides vital information and services for people who wish to come to Canada to study or to work, and for Canadians who would like to study abroad. For more information on CMEC's international activities, click here. To explore the topics below, please click on the links provided.

Studying in Canada
Information and referral for people who would like to pursue their higher studies in Canada, including a Directory of Universities, Colleges, and Schools in Canada

Foreign Credentials Recognition
Information and referral on the assessment of foreign credentials, the recognition of qualifications, prior learning assessment and recognition, and credential evaluation services in Canada

Canada's Postsecondary Education Systems
Referrals and resources on all aspects of postsecondary and higher education in Canada's provinces and territories


Working in Canada
Information and referral for people interested in coming to work in Canada, including detailed fact sheets on selected professions and trades

Studying Abroad
Information and referral for people who want to go abroad to study

Education Abroad
Referrals and resources on education in the other countries and regions of the world and on regional and international treaties regulating the recognition of foreign degrees, qualifications, and credentials